Get more clients with INTEGRITY and LOVE and ZERO-ICKINESS!

For the next 12 months we’ll work side by side in the community to help you create not only your Offer to Serve, but your custom process for finding and closing clients consistently, easily, and without any ickiness whatsoever. My intention for you is that by the end of our 12 months together, you’ll walk away having at minimum doubled your business, found YOUR beautiful way of selling with confidence, and have changed your business and life forever.

Here’s what you get when you join us in The Superhero Sales Academy:

Start strong to finish strong! So we don’t lose any momentum, the ball gets rolling as soon as you make the decision to invest with our robust onboarding process. You’ll have activities to dive into immediately to set you up for success! And speaking of setting up for success, here’s what you can expect to accomplish during just our first 90 days together: 

  • We’ll cocreate your custom Superhero Sales Blueprint that we’ll then follow for the next 12 months so you can achieve all your business growth goals. 

  • Then, we’ll build in ALL the tools and tracking you need to systemize your sales process so you can kiss the “boom/bust” sales cycle goodbye FOREVER. 

  • Once your systems are in place to support sustainable revenue, we’ll refine and lock in your unique Offer to Serve so you can take it to market and actually start using it to close sales! 

  • And finally, we’ll test, tweak, and adjust as necessary as you bring that amazing Offer to Serve to your market. 

  • These 90 days are structured this way so every single Academy member will gain crazy momentum and execute like HELL (so you can get crazy results as fast as possible!)

Sales Strategy + Marketing Mastery + Mindset Moxie = Winning! Since growing your business isn’t JUST about selling, but is also about generating leads, having your messaging dialed in, and frankly, keeping your head on straight, I’m thrilled to announce that as a BONUS for the first 90 days of the program, Amy Birks will be joining us for additional support and value. Amy can’t wait to help you master your marketing, your messaging, AND your mindset so you can rock out ALL the goals you’re here to achieve. The outcome of theses first 90 days is to get your customized Superhero Sales Blueprint created so we can execute and to it and tweak and adjust throughout the rest of the year. Amy’s GPS Brain will be invaluable during those first 90 days.

Customized 12-month Sales Plan!  

We’ll kick things off with a full-day virtual workshop where we’ll work as a group to create each Academy participant’s 12-month Superhero Sales Blueprint. With built-in accountability, this is the strategy you’ll follow all year long to generate the results you really want. And the best part is that the plan you create will be uniquely yours!

Weekly video lessons released right when YOU need them!  

To support those strategies of yours, each week I’ll share a new video lesson to help you hone all the skills necessary to help you book as many clients as possible as quickly as possible. What’s awesome is that with your personalized plans already created, I will craft the content week by week to address your concerns real time.

Weekly group calls = No Superhero Left Behind!  

Since we know that “watching lessons” and “taking action” are two completely different things, our weekly accountability and Q&A call provides the perfect layer of support to ensure you 1) get your questions answered by me live, and 2) have a way to stay accountable to the activities you’re putting in place to create that business growth you really want.

Virtual community for fun and accountability!  

In between our weekly calls we’ll stay connected through our virtual community on Slack. The community is where the magic really happens. You’ll get to connect not only with me and Amy, but you’ll also build beautiful friendships and partnerships with all the members of the Academy there.

Stirling about the Academy, "...going through this process gave me the structure to REALLY thrive".

Suze went all in and kept on winning in The BootCamp:

We have your back! We want to make it easier for you. If you're concerned about cashflow in order to make this investment, we have you covered. The Superhero Sales Academy has a funding partnership with Sprout Financial for 0% financing for 12 months. Use this link to see what funding you qualify for:

 Is The Superhero Sales Academy Right for You?  

This Academy is going to change your business and life forever. With my support and 16 years of success behind my proven system we’re going to put in place in your business, you absolutely WILL GET RESULTS in this program. That said, it’s important to point out that this is not a “done for you” program. There will be action to take, work to do, and discomfort to work through while you’re executing what you’re learning. Because that’s true, we also know that means the Academy isn’t for everyone. We don’t say this to do that cheesy “who this program is for and not for” thing you always see on sales pages. We genuinely know that some people simply aren’t ready to do the work required to get the epic results we know we’re about to create for everyone who joins us. And some people simply aren’t really ready to actually have those epic results either. So if you are thinking about joining and you: ** are unclear about the value you provide in your business ** tend to make excuses for not doing the work required to get the results you want ** are expecting a “done for you” service ** aren’t willing to take action or get uncomfortable (with us here to hold your hair while you puke!) ** are not open to new perspectives and ways of thinking about business ** are not willing to try new concepts in order to validate if they are a good fit. ** or are simply not interested in making more sales ...we should probably have a conversation first before you join the program. We are 100% committed to every single person who joins the Academy actually (FINALLY) getting the results they want in their business. It WILL happen. Full stop. No excuses, no hiding, no Superhero left behind.

Camille found her beautiful way of selling that feels heart centred and easy 

Kristen gained the Clarity in order to attract the right clients 

We have your back! We want to make it easier for you. If you're concerned about cashflow in order to make this investment, we have you covered. The Superhero Sales Academy has a funding partnership with Sprout Financial for 0% financing for 12 months. Use this link to see what funding you qualify for:


PAY-IN-FULL BONUS = VIP Membership upgrade with monthly 1:1 calls with Daniel

Save $900 AND get an automatic upgrade to a VIP Membership with our pay-in-full option. As a VIP Member you’ll get an additional one-on-one mentorship call with Daniel every single month to help you accelerate your progress even further and get results even faster.

REFER FRIENDS ALERT! TOP REFERRER Bonus: weekly 1:1 calls with Daniel for the first month!

We know that the best results happen when we’ve got friends along for the journey. So we’ve added an incentive to make it easy (and fun!) for you to refer friends into the Academy to go on this journey with you. The Academy member who refers the most confirmed paid members to the Academy will receive weekly 1:1 calls with Daniel for the first month of the program. You’ll work together to execute that Superhero Sales Blueprint of yours so you can accelerate your results right out of the gate! If you refer friends and they join, please let a member of our team know so we can keep track of your referrals.


1:1 call with Daniel 3 months in, to keep you on track to reach your goals! As a special bonus to sweeten the deal for those still on the fence, I’m including a one-on-one strategy check in call with me at the 90-day point in the program for every Academy member. We’ll dive deep into your original plan and make sure you’re still on target to achieve your goals. We’ll tweak and adjust and course correct as necessary with my 16 years of expertise all over your plan to ensure your trajectory is taking you where you need to go.

Get FULL ACCESS to the Superhero BootCamp! Take advantage of combing through what BootCampers are learning whether it's watching the weekly lessons or reading up on the guides. 

Here is what people are saying about Daniel:

Shauna 5x’d her results after ONE call with Daniel!

Daniel helped Kira close so many CLIENTS she had to hire a sales person!

Bassem shares how Daniel has plugged the holes in his sales process!

Charles got results within 30 days with his new sales process!

Aiko got over her fear of sales after working with Daniel!

Sean got over his limiting beliefs about sales and the fear of cold calling after working with Daniel!

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